Links to Reliable Sources

Associates for Biblical Research -dealing with biblical archaeology and the defense of the Christian faith.

Get A Life Media - teachings from Pastor Billy Crone covering cults, the occult, Bible prophecy, and other issues.

Genesis Science Network - a 24/ 7 TV program dealing with scientific research and information from a Bible-based perspective.

The Pre-Tribulation Research Center - the study of end time events from a pre-tribulation, pre-millennial perspective.

Lamb and Lion Ministries - dedicated to proclaiming the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ

Harbingers Daily - honest news reports geared towards the remnant church (2 Timothy 1:8; 1 Peter 3:15).

Always Be Ready - resources on the reliability of Scripture, Bible prophecy, and topics relevant to the soon return of the Lord Jesus.

Living Waters - Do you think that you're a "good person"? Get the honest answer to that question, among other things.

Rapture Ready - The title speaks for itself -articles and messages about what's next on God's prophetic calendar. 

Oklahoma Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists -preaching the Gospel through revivals, conferences, concerts, missions, and other venues.